BandLab Adds Android Pro Mix Editor, Web MIDI Editing & New Mobile Features


Cloud-based music platform BandLab has announced the launch of its Pro Mix Editor for Android and teased upcoming features for both iOS and Android, along with a new Web MIDI Editor.

Here are the details:

Android Pro Mix Editor

When Android users click the Pro Mode button on their BandLab recording screen, a 12-track Mix Editor now opens. Android users can now import audio and add vocals, instruments and other sounds—wherever they are.

aving 12 tracks also makes it easier for other BandLab users around the world to add their own ideas to tracks and collaborate on songs.

New Explore Options on Android and iOS

There are also changes to the way Android and iOS users can explore and get inspiration from BandLab. User content is now sorted by categories, making it even easier for musicians and fans to find the kind of music they like, as well as new collaboration opportunities with other artists.

Web MIDI Editor

BandLab’s new MIDI Editor turns every note played into a square on a musical grid. These squares can then be placed correctly on the timeline—either manually or using BandLab’s automated quantization tool.

The notes can also be deleted, moved, stretched or have their velocity increased or decreased to change their sound. Once the notes are in place, users can also change them to a different MIDI sound bank (like changing a piano part to drums or guitar), providing even greater musical possibilities.

The BandLab MIDI editor will automatically detect when a MIDI device like a keyboard or a pad controller is connected. Users can also play the onboard instruments to create MIDI music directly from the desktop.

The BandLab Android Pro Mix Editor officially launches worldwide today, with the MIDI Editor and the new Explore feature for iOS and Android coming soon. See the BandLab site for more into.

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