Remidi T8 MIDI Glove Now Available Via Kickstarter Project


The Remidi T8 MIDI Glove is now available to backers via a Kickstarter project.

The Remidi T8 is composed of a sensor-loaded glove and a MIDI wrist controller that allows you to use your hand as a musical device, by combining sounds with your fingertips, palm and hand motions.

Here’s the official video overview:

The Remidi T8 MIDI Glove is available to project backers, starting at US $199. See the project site for details.

12 thoughts on “Remidi T8 MIDI Glove Now Available Via Kickstarter Project

  1. really nice concept. this looks like a step in the right direction. with that device your body becomes the controller…
    i can see that also in performance/arts, triggering events, manipulating data, etc.
    congratulations to the developers….

    1. been there did that …..
      what is the point ..?
      your body is already the controller(o_0)

      most people already use their fingers to trigger notes

      devices like LEAP or HOT HANDS , or a KORGnano controller are cheaper and more useful while keeping your hands free

  2. Laetitia Sonami… I wonder her thoughts on this.

    It’s cool that it brings this kind of control in an affordable form to those who might be interested.

  3. “Play drums … by using your own hand”
    I can’t stop laughing.. stopped it right there.
    I thought this had been done a few times already the past 10 years or so? Nothing musical ever comes of it .. or it just ends up being a way to do something you already do easier but would rather look like an @ss

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