New Hybrid DAW Controller, Micli One, Combines Tactile Controls With Touchscreen Flexibility


Developer Roberto Riesco has announced the Micli One – a hybrid DAW controller that he says is designed to combing the benefits of dedicated physical DAW controls with the flexibility of a multi-touch screen.

Here is the official intro video:


Here’s a demo of the Micli One being used as a virtual instrument controller:

The next video demos the Micli One being used to control plugins:

Key Features:

  • 21.5 “ Tactile screen enabled for up to 10 simultaneous touches.
  • Full HD resolution (1920×1080) with under 8ms response.
  • Adjustable screen angle
  • Physical keyboard with 98 control keys
  • Keyboard attaches magnetically to screen or can be used separately
  • Support for major DAWs

Production of the Micli One is being funded via a Kickstarter project. The Micli One is available to project backers starting at about US $700. See the project site for details.

12 thoughts on “New Hybrid DAW Controller, Micli One, Combines Tactile Controls With Touchscreen Flexibility

  1. This is actually kind of cool but it’s hard to replace my current setup for this.. I’ve already invested in 2 monitors etc. I’d back it if I had a spare $650 burning my pocket.

  2. I gotta admit.. It looks like it beats TouchOSC… Nice to see Nerve and Reaktor getting the touch treatment without the TouchOSC hassles.

  3. not sure about the set up from my own work flow point of view, but am glad to see the recognition that touch screen is not the answer alone and that integration of touch and physical is a better solution.

  4. Hello I am the creator of Micli One..
    thanks for the publication (Synthtopia)

    “”””””looks like he’s doing situps.”””””

    jajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajaj…….I love it


    1. Try Duet Display for iPad Pro… best $9.99 I ever spent. It’s not multi-touch, because it’s just implementing mouse clicks/drags, but it gives you a second screen that’s touch-sensitive and can run any plugins you want on.

  5. well i,ve just put a 24 channel analogue mixer on my wall (like a radiator) and it looks phat ,takes up no room ,it’s completely real no virtual touch screen .
    only needs dusting every 2-3 months (very hard to spill drinks on due to vertical hanging)

    i’m keeping it real, you can go virtual………………………………………

  6. First at all.. thanks for all your comments


    do agree on the benefit of using both things (touch screen and ,,,,,,,,) I love the tactile mode to handle plugin, painting notes, etc… that makes it more natural and musical than the mouse, but for editing, cutting, paste… there is nothing like a keyboard.


    That’s right!! We wish all the rest take this seriously, for that reason we have created the plugin with the piano and the pad, that makes it compatible with all the D.A.Ws.


    We started working on the project with a similar screen size to tablets, but it didn’t convince us. In our opinion the tablets are too small for a proper use.

    Thanks for all, be happy to answer any question.

    Roberto ( Micli One )

  7. How is this different to getting a cheap 21″ multi-touch monitor and a editorKeys keyboard or editorKeys stickers on a standard keyboard?

    Not a criticism just a genuine question… great to see people trying out stuff just would be nice to know. Is the macro keyboard better than editorKeys?… better muscle memory?

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