Moon Modular Sequencer Expansion Modules In Action

This video, via John L Rice, demos the new Moon Modular 569ESB and 569EGB expansion/accessory modules for the Moon Modular 569 sequencer.

Rice notes, “This video is partially an overview and partially just fun time for me! 😉 The next video will likely be a more technical and in-depth look at the features and capabilities.”

For another look at the new sequencer modules, see our interview with Moon Modular designer Gert Jalass about his new modules at the Winter NAMM Show. See the Moon Modular site for more details.

One thought on “Moon Modular Sequencer Expansion Modules In Action

  1. as a journey its a beautiful dream, but the destination is achievable for so much less money and effort. i guess my pragmatism is out of tune with the modular ethic but it doesn’t stop me being romanced by its desirability.

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