Synthrotek West Coast Noise System Sound Demo

Synthrotek shared this sound demo of their new West Coast Noise System – an all-in-one Eurorack modular system, inspired by classic ‘West Coast Synthesis’.

“The amount of insanity you can create from so few modules is incredible,” according to Synthrotek.  “It’s analog drums, 8 bit crunch and noise married to a sequencer.”

Here’s another sound demo:


  • Sequence 8
  • MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold
  • Atari Punk Console
  • DS-M
  • DIRT Filter
  • DLY Module
  • 1U Unity Gain Mixer
  • 1U Stereo Output Mixer

Includes a power brick and a 20-pack of patch cables.

The West Coast Noise System is available from Synthrotek for US $975.

18 thoughts on “Synthrotek West Coast Noise System Sound Demo

  1. “use only highest end video” so you can clearly see the 5min of super out of focus, instagram style, heavily filtered footage. only way. you just wouldnt get it otherwise. broseph.

      1. Sample & Hold as a random function generator, Dirt Filter with Bias (ring mod and waveshape) and even the seq could be considered as west coast 🙂

        1. I would agree that this isn’t really classic west coast especially looking at the timbres and the way they are generated. Even though random functions are a necessary component of a west coast synth, I don’t think simple S & H should really be considered a west coast thing since it’s common in such a wide variety of synth designs. Same goes for sequencers.

  2. I think its pretty easy to see what Synthrotek is saying here, you can have lots of fun with a small euro setup thats super portable. I guess most people don’t “get” experimental sound or just having fun with noise music, I actually find a lot of this really beautiful and awesome, if you can’t see the beauty in this, you’re not seeing the half of it. Music isn’t meant to ONLY be 4/4 with an intro, build, drop and hook.. there’s way more to be discovered in just letting yourself go and find your own sound. Modular is a perfect way to do this while getting away from our screens.
    This is a US based company doing their thing, marketing themselves in a unique way, why knock them down? think positive! support a home brewed company over the cheaply made crap that gets shoved in your face by all these major corporations. Your entitled to your opinions, but in this case most of you are sounding like you only listen to 4/4 on the floor and top 40s.. take a step back and listen to the noise around you.

    1. it’s just that you can’t hear all of merbow’s hooks but they’re literally everywhere…seriously though with this approach any matrix of shitty noise pedals could be tagged west coast synthesis. You can make beautifully strange sounds and textures with logic/pulse/wavefolding/LPG/self-playing modules. Even Serge systems can quantize…

  3. Not a lot for $1000. I like the sound and set up, sound get a lot of noise drone and textures. Perfect DIY project
    you can build all that for 100-150 and learn a lot. most of the cost would be knobs and pots!

    1. exactly

      also +100 on the “pots and knobs” 🙂
      actually i find the knobs more overpriced then the pots.
      a nice looking knob can go for 3-5$. i saw some moog looking knobs that realy looked nice with all kind of knobs in the same design but minimum 8$.

  4. sorry, but this is way too much for what it does.
    just because they are handmade doesnt mean youre supposed to sell them for a premium price.
    its more or less DIY stuff for a thousand bucks.

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