Eowave Ribbon Mk2 Now Available


Eowave has announced that their Ribbon 2 synthesizer & controller is now shipping.

The Ribbon 2 is a one-oscillator synth, played by placing your finger along the 4-octave ribbon. The Ribbon is pressure sensitive, translating pressure into volume.

The Ribbon can also be used as a USB controller with any MIDI software, and as a CV/gate controller.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • 50cm ribbon (position and pressure sensitive)
  • Tactile pad to trigger and modulate effets
  • Mini 12 bits Synth with 16 presets
  • internal effects
  • USB I/O
  • Audio out
  • Free edito
  • updatable via USB
  • Dimensions: 62 x 4 x 1,5 cm

The Eowave Ribbon 2 is available for 269 € via Modular Square.

7 thoughts on “Eowave Ribbon Mk2 Now Available

    1. I got the MK1 and its really fun. If you haven’t seen it it has this bright LED (which I hope we can turn off in MK2), and in the instructions they warn about not using the ribbon as a lightsaber, which I’m pretty sure every owners of MK1 did while in the dark).

      Those new preset buttons are a godsend, and I hope they won’t be as hard to get as the MK1 was.

      1. Do you know of any way to edit the damn thing without having to buy the Max MSP runtime? The demo version my Ribbon came with has long since expired and then the unit decided to randomly reset, so I’m back to the default triangle wave or whatever.

        I really dislike how they didn’t make their own software for it, and don’t seem to offer any options on their website.

  1. My dream midi controller is something like this crossed with an eigenharp pico. Like a 3 octave pressure sensing ribbon, breath pipe, and maybe some contact mics for stimulating physical modelling resonators. This looks like the next best thing.

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