The Lawrence Public Library Is Getting A Monster Modular Synthesizer

It looks like the Lawrence Public Library of Lawrence, KS, may soon have its own monster modular synthesizer.

lawrence-public-library-sound-vision-studioThe Lawrence Public Library already offers the Sound + Vision studio, right – a studio that’s open to the public and free to use. It offers multiple work areas, tricked out with mics, drums, keyboards, computer workstations and more.

Now, the Lawrence Public Library Foundation – an independent non-profit organization that helps support the Library – is working on furnishing the Library studio with a large-format modular synthesizer. 

The Foundation offers several reasons why they think the Library should have its own modular synthesizer:

  • It will establish the LPL as the electronic music hub of northeast Kansas and give musicians a place to be creative with a tool that may exceed what they could afford on their own.
  • It supports a local business – Free State FX – that makes custom synth modules.
  • It can be enjoyed by a wide range of studio users, regardless of music genre.
  • It encourages users to think about music differently. Users start from nothing to create something. And, by removing the computer screen from the equation, users get a tactile experience no software synth can replicate and get to make music with their ears instead of their eyes.

The Lawrence Public Library Modular Synthesizer will be a custom 48 rack unit Moog format modular synthesizer, including the following modules:

  • 16 Step Analog Sequencer
  • Voltage Controlled Delay
  • Voltage Controlled Phaser
  • (2) Lopass Gate
  • (2) Envelope Generator w/Pulse Width/Delay
  • Dual Digital Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • Fixed Filter Bank
  • MIDI to Controlled Voltage Converter
  • (2) Multiple
  • (3) Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • Standards Discrete Controlled Voltage
  • Ring Modulator
  • Noise/Sample & Hold
  • Mixer
  • Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
  • State Variable Filter
  • (2) Envelope Generator ADSR
  • Discrete Lowpass Voltage Controlled Filter
  • Dual Log/Lin Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • Four Channel Voltage Controlled Panning Mixer
  • Dual Gated Slew Limiter
  • Inverting Mixer

The synthesizer will feature custom metal panels, painted red and silk-screened to match the Sound + Vision studio identity.

You can find out more about this project at the Lawrence Public Library Foundation site.

16 thoughts on “The Lawrence Public Library Is Getting A Monster Modular Synthesizer

    1. “Makes you want to move to kansas”

      Lawrence is a fantastic town, but the state itself is really screwed up.

      Essentially, a pair of billionaires, the Koch brothers, have bought the state government and are having it run in a way that is best for them – minimizing THEIR taxes, discriminating against businesses that are competitive to theirs, etc.

      So the state operates at huge deficits, all the public services are being cut, they’ve had a huge loss of teachers, etc.

  1. Very cool library and idea for a public music space but I can’t help but think how much other keyboards and gear they could get for the price of a huge modular set up like that.

    1. The project is expected to cost about $5000, and the studio already has four work areas, tricked out with gear like: RODE mics; Pro Tools, Reason & Live; a Yamaha stage grand; and even video gear.

      They’ve got it outlined on their website:

      One of the Foundation’s goals is to provide a shared resource that would otherwise be out of reach of a lot of people, which getting a modular synth achieves.

  2. Very forward thinking. Libraries should be places that provide access to tools that are generally out of reach of much of the public. I just hope they have a strong volunteer program to manage and maintain the studio and the modular because you cannot count on sufficient public funding for things like this in the USA, especially in “conservative” states like Kansas.

  3. I know this is just a quibble but, red? I would find looking at that bright red all day very hard to do. Very hard on the eyes.

      1. It’s actually because it was more impressive to the person/people approving the funding, lol! #truestory

  4. This is a great idea. Too bad it is in Kansas. I would never move there. Likewise, even though it is the home of Moog Music, I would never move to Asheville, NC.

  5. I grew up going to the public library in L town. Lawrence is a great place with a wonderful community and great community oriented programming. It is really great to see a public place creating a space like this for musicians to share, especially for all the kids that have been involved in the summer rock camps for the last three or four years.

    1. Sure , it is a yusynth Design in lot of modules…. See the Lawrence Public Library Synth Manuals : and Bingo! They used your guides and shematics.

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