Disting mk3 Firmware v3.3 Adds SD Card Audio Playback, Vocoder

Expert Sleepers have announced the release of version 3.3 of the disting mk3 Eurorack module firmware.

The update adds SD card audio playback feature, demonstrated in the video above.

Three sample playback algorithms are provided, offering various sample selection, pitch and retriggering options.

This update also adds two other new algorithms – a vocoder, and a version of the precision adder algorithm with fractional voltage offsets. The latter is largely intended to make it simple to achieve semitone offsets when processing pitch CVs.

See the Expert Sleepers site for details.

6 thoughts on “Disting mk3 Firmware v3.3 Adds SD Card Audio Playback, Vocoder

  1. It was good before. It is now a module I can’t see anyone with a modular synth being without…..essential purchase.

  2. does anyone know if expert sleepers have a library of python scripts for there devices anywhere?
    if not I think it could be a good idea for non coders that want to just download scripts. mostly pertaining to the fh-1 maybe people who code can start a library online?

  3. If you were to put a sample with a root note of C in there… Did it also just become a sampler with pitch on Z and gate on X? Or does it not actually track the Z like that?

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