Vintage Drum Machines Sound Pack For Analog Rytm

Elektron has introduced the Vintage Drum Machine Sound Pack for Analyog Rytm.

Elektron says that this collection of vintage drum machine samples, created by Goldbaby, offers ‘sounds that have proved to be just what we wanted to hear’ They’re vintage for a reason.


  • 124 samples (16 bit / 48kHz / mono)
  • Total sample size: 5.3 MB
  • Featuring sounds from vintage drum machines: Linndrum, Boss DR220, SP1200, Drumulator, DMX and many more.
  • 1 Project
  • 4 Patterns
  • 4 Kits (including Scene and Performance macros)

Vintage Drum Machine Sound Pack Audio Demos:

Vintage Drum Machines is available for US $15 at the Elektron site.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Drum Machines Sound Pack For Analog Rytm

  1. It would be nice if Elektron released some sound packs for the AR that were designed exclusively on the analog synthesis side. Whenever I see them release a free sound pack for the A4/AK, I always wonder why the AR never gets the same love. I’ve paid for a couple of the $15 AR sound packs and have been quite disappointed at just how heavily they lean on the sample side of things.

  2. The only pack I’ve installed is the tabla sound pack which I love, the synthesis part I rely on my self it would be disappointing and missing the point if I let others do it for me, there’s so much fun to be had in learning this machine

  3. Totally agree. In the end it is a dsrum synth with added sampling and not a sampler with an extra synth…

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