Luftrum 13 Offers 128 Patches For Zebra 2 Synth

luftrum-13-sound-libraryLuftrum 13 is a new soundbank for Zebra 2, offering 128 original patches, from cinematic pads over dynamic arpeggios to bass sequences and modern synth leads.

The developer says that Luftrum 13 is designed with attention to playability, peak levels, XY pads, velocity and aftertouch.

Here’s the official video intro:

Audio demos:

Note: 14 of the 128 patches were created for the composer scoring the sci-fi thriller “What Happened to Monday?” and those patches will be added to the soundset as a free update, after the movie is released (Q4 2016).

Luftrum 13 is available for US $39 including VAT in EU.

One thought on “Luftrum 13 Offers 128 Patches For Zebra 2 Synth

  1. Wow, even though I have Zebra for years in use, I’m always impressed how dynamic and organic it can sound! Very smooth algorithms, Mr. Heckmann!

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