Scanner Scores The Future

Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, shared this track, No Point Talking, from the score of a new BBC Radio 4 production of a story of the same name, by sci-fi writer Geoff Ryman that investigates the portrayal of gender in utopian science fiction.

“I scored the new work and a separate documentary exploring the subject,” notes Rimbaud  “This is an instrumental excerpt from the score, as many people had expressed an interested in hearing it again.”

Via author Marc Weidenbaum, who shared some interesting comments on the soundtrack at his site, Disquiet:

Around the seven-minute mark, unintelligible voices intrude, passing as if by the window of the studio where Scanner is recording.

The voices play an interesting third-party role. They are neither speaking parts from Ryman’s story, nor are they score. They are human presence as score, voices as sound design.

And after they fade, the guitar proceeds forward, bending until it comes to resemble another voice of sorts: the call of seagulls.

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