Liine Skram – A Streamlined Virtual Studio For iPad

Liine, creator of the Lemur MIDI controller platform for iOS, has introduced Skram, a virtual studio that features four virtual instruments and sequencing features designed to streamline beat making.

Here’s the official intro video:

Key Features:

  • Four synth and drums Devices are included, with more planned
    • Skram ‘acid bass’ synth
    • Heatstroke- designed for ‘washed out synth tones’
    • BR-909 drum machine
    • Orphic – they say ‘Special pitch effects give Orphic its unique flavor.’
  • Skram contains three Widgets which allow you to create different kinds of musical patterns.
    • Arpeggiator
    • Pitch Sequencer
    • Drum Sequencer

No official video demo or audio demos are available for Skram at this time.

Skram is available in the App Store for US $4.99.

10 thoughts on “Liine Skram – A Streamlined Virtual Studio For iPad

  1. Sounds like another tabletopping money making scam with all the extra packs of this , packs of that. And don’t forget, with every ios upgrade/update , you will be left with a broken app for six months before it gets updated , just like lemur.

  2. Skram is great despite being limited. The developers are listening to users and assuming they follow through Skram is going to be a stellar app.

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