New iPad DJ App, DJDJ


Developer Rodrigo Yanez has introduced a new DJ app for iPad, DJDJ.

He describes DJDJ as a ‘complete no-nonsense DJ mixing App in your iPad’. It lets you beat match tracks, use EQ, use EFX, save and trigger cues and cued loops, all in one screen.

Here’s a video intro:


  • Easy to loop a playing track, and you can save and trigger loops as if they were cues.
  • Save up to 8 cues or cued loops.
  • Play with 6 different EFX (can be used all at the same time) to add dynamism to your mixes!
  • Use the usual DJ EQ with kill buttons to mute the bottom / mid / high bands
  • All of this always visible, on one screen!
  • Play with 4 decks at the same time. (iPad Pro: 4 decks fully visible, iPad: 2 decks fully visible, 2 decks minimized).

Requires iPad retina (aka iPad 3, march 2012) or faster.

DJDJ is available for US $6.99 in the App Store.

14 thoughts on “New iPad DJ App, DJDJ

  1. This person’s app SeekBeats is also the best drum synth on IOS. Way more stable than Elastic Drums with a huge amount of features. I never see that app get much hype despite it being way better than what most people would recommend (Attack, DM1). The way envelopes are created and handled in SeekBeats is great and routing of modulation is really intuitive! It also has a randomize feature. I’ve used it without fail for many gigs to play improv!

  2. I’ve yet to give this a proper run-through but based on the apps so far by Rodrigo Yanez I’m assuming this is of similar genius. Instabuy.

  3. I would buy this immediately if it could take MIDI CC assignments from generic MIDI controllers. Both Traktor and djay are locked down to specific controllers, which I find really frustrating.

  4. Several people complaining about the UI. It for sure is utilitarian but that doesn’t always equate to “bad” or even usability issues. While boring, there is something refreshing about seeing the entire hit-area of a button or slider so you don’t miss it during a busy session.

    Wonder if it has a night-mode though since that bright white screen could be quite a bit on a dark stage. You’d have your own personal spotlight though, lol.

  5. DJDJ is very much so a V1 release and the developer is open and intent on updating. Constructive criticism is key and if you have any allegiance to SeekBeats / TweakyBeat then I reckon an inherent faith is applicable to DJDJ and developer Rodrigo Yanez. That’s how I’m looking at it at least.

    $7 could be considered a tip jar for a half-meg-footprint app by an awesome developer who’s given us some amazingly innovative tools and will hopefully continue to do so.

  6. Looks very interesting to me, looks like it might have a bit of a learning curve after using Traktor but seems much more fun to use, will definitely buy for that price.

  7. too bad the ipad is a terrible dj platform since,
    it can not play flac,
    the storage space is sooo tiny,
    and its difficult to connect a sound card and an external storage at the same time
    the software itself is just joy! bought it just for playing out but .. you cant really dj from an ipad…

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