Support The Bob Moog Foundation & You Could Win A Vintage Minimoog

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced that they are raffling off a gorgeous vintage Moog Minimoog Model D synthesizer, with proceeds to benefit the Foundation.

The Minimoog Model D being offered, serial number 3731 was built at Moog Music’s Williamsville, NY factory on February 7, 1974. It is in excellent technical and physical condition and has been serviced by a technician with a longtime expertise in Minimoogs. The instrument has updated oscillators, as was standard during this period, making them more stable than their predecessors.

The walnut cabinet for this Minimoog is new, and was handcrafted by Wes Taggart of Analogics and donated to the Bob Moog Foundation. Wes shared the following cabinet details:

“The cabinet that is on this instrument is Black Walnut, just as the first 2000 or so instruments and the last 25. It is manufactured in the same manner as those original instruments, with mortise and tenon joinery (something Bob and I talked about). There are no shadow lines (those little grooves where all the joints occur), just like the originals. The shadow lines are part of the later cabinets because it allows the cabinets to be manufactured with less demanding joinery.”

Tickets to enter the raffle are available for $20 each, or 6 for $100, or 12 for $200.

Note: The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and is not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Support The Bob Moog Foundation & You Could Win A Vintage Minimoog

  1. Bob Moog Foundation, if you’re reading this, if you ever do something like this again, consider doing it in December. In the US anyway, tax-deductable donations go up like 1000% as people start worry about the next year’s taxes. Since this offers both the pride of supporting an awesome organization _and_ a chance to win something incredibly special, I’m sure it would rise to the top of the who-to-give-to list for lots of folks!

    I’m in anyway.

    1. In the US money spent on raffle tickets or lottery-based drawings used by organizations to raise money are not tax-deductible donations.

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