Alternative Controllers For Electronic Music


The MIDI Association has published a series of articles by author Mark Vail on alternative MIDI controllers.

The series offers an overview of a wide variety of electronic music controllers, including MIDI controllers and analog controllers for modular synthesis, and offers a look at many unusual and rare instruments. 

The five articles are available at the site:

vail-the-synthesizerVail, right, is the author of The Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument,  Vintage Synthesizers (1993, 2000) and The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B (1997, 2002).

5 thoughts on “Alternative Controllers For Electronic Music

      1. I am aware it has a vibrato depth parameter and I have worked with it. It’s not the same as what the WX5 offers. Try it out. it’s particularly musical, which is something I appreciate in a controller and – related to this article’s topic – is rare to find.

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