12 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre – Making Electronic Music Is Liking Cooking, Sex, Magic

  1. somewhat like life
    you take your time to cook something good and hope to get some sex and it feels magical when you get some sex
    unfortunately the recipe goes wrong and the magic is gone and ,,,
    like the daft punk song “get lucky” you hope for a good roll, but pretty much craps

  2. Making music is like making love to a beautiful woman. First, the intoxication, a malaise sets in as one tries to focus and press the right buttons. Vulnerable and exposed; trying a few tricks but finally having to use some hardware for an early climax that leaves one feeling empty. Now withdrawn, rocking oneself to sleep while never knowing the bitterness of the tears that soak into that pillow.

  3. Why i’m bored of listening to JMJ? Maybe he is just too much JMJ and less a musician. I like listen more to Alexander Robotnick. Just be 100% authentic.

    1. “less a musician”
      oh my… state of noncontinental (ie., beyond americas) knowledge goes (backwards) into something like what… pre-wall?

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