Tubbutec Intros Universal MIDI Interface For Vintage Drum Machines

At Superbooth 16, Tubbutec introduced the uniPulse – a universal MIDI interface for vintage drum machines:


The uniPulse lets you use vintage drum machines as part of a modern MIDI system. 

Here’s a video demo of a vintage Rhythm Ace FR-3, sequenced via MIDI & the uniPulse:

Here’s a demo with a Roland TR-77:


  • Highly customizable, compatible to almost any drum machine
  • 16 pulse outputs
  • Full velocity sensitivity
  • 5 different pulse shapes
  • Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 12V/-12V
  • Voltage and length can be mapped to velocity, controller or CV-input
  • 4 Digital outputs for gates and clocks
  • Up to 21 simultaneous clock outputs with different midi dividers
  • Analog output with various functions
  • Potentiometer / CV input to control length or voltage of pulses
  • Internal clock multiplier for DIN sync
  • Easy to use configuration app with preset database for common drum machines
  • Very small, fits in most drum machines
  • Various midi socket configurations
  • Runs off a single supply voltage between +15 and +25V, generates negative voltage internally

The Tubbutec uniPulse is available now for 178,00 €.

8 thoughts on “Tubbutec Intros Universal MIDI Interface For Vintage Drum Machines

  1. this seems useful, but i think for the cost it should come with a breakout cable and breadboard or something because, clean wiring – i’d say that’s probably the most annoying part to diy. 🙂

    also how is it powered?

  2. Tubbutec are amazing, I have midi and sequencer in my korg polysix and poly 61 now. Excellent service and products no one else is doing. So much better than other products which remove siting functionality from the synths.

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