BBC Radiophonic Album Reissue Announced

Light in the Attic records has announced that it is reissuing a vintage collection of work by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The 1979 collection BBC Radiophonic Workshop: 21 will be reissued on June 24th.

Here’s what they have to say about the album:

In 1958 the BBC Radiophonic Workshop opened with the aim to enhance the main drama output on the Third Programme (now Radio 3) following the development of new electronic music techniques emanating from Europe. Their work expanded across the BBC to take in TV drama (especially sci-fi), schools programmes and themes. The latter being their most celebrated and well known work: Delia Derbyshire’s treatment of Ron Grainer’s theme for Doctor Who.

This collection was originally released on vinyl by BBC Records in 1979 to celebrate 21 years of the workshop’s creative output. From The Goons (Bloodnock’s Stomach), to the Interval Signal, to Doctor Who and Great Zoos of the World, this is a fascinating chronicle of some of the most innovative music ever made. These ground-breaking compositions have provided a major influence on music from The Beatles and Pink Floyd and onwards into the contemporary world of Aphex Twin, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers.


Quatermass & the Pit (Effects) Desmond Briscoe
Bloodnok’s Stomach Dick Mills / Jimmy Burnett
Outside Desmond Briscoe & Maddalena Fagandini
Science and Industry Phil Young
The Artist Speaks Phil Young
The Splendour That Was Rome Phil Young
Interval Signal Maddalena Fagandini
Phra the Phoenician Desmond Briscoe
Full Circle – The Stick Up Desmond Briscoe
Time Beat Maddalena Fagandini
Ideal Home Exhibition Maddalena Fagandini
Time On Our Hands Delia Derbyshire
Arabic Science and Industry Delia Derbyshire
The Chem Lab Mystery Maddalena Fagandin
Know Your Car (Get Out and Get Under) Delia Derbyshire
Dr. Who Delia Derbyshire
TARDIS Brian Hodgson
Choice John Baker
Hard Luck Hall John Baker
Talk Out Delia Derbyshire
Science and Health Delia Derbyshire
Secrets of the Chasm Tony Askew
Westminster at Work Keith Salmon
A New View of Politics Delia Derbyshire
Environmental Studies Delia Derbyshire
Chronicle Delia Derbyshire
Great Zoos of the World Delia Derbyshire
Minds of Evil Dudley Simpson
Fanfare Dick Mills
Broken Biscuit Club Paddy Kingsland
The Plunderers Roger Limb
Mysterioso (“Blake’s Seven”) Richard Yeoman-Clark
Greenwich Chorus Peter Howell
Hurdy Gurdy Malcolm Clarke
Martian March Past Dick Mills
A Whisper from Space Paddy Kingsland
Swirley Roger Limb
Merry-Go-Round Peter Howell
BBC2 Serial Malcolm Clarke
Quirky Roger Limb
Newton Paddy Kingsland
The Secret War Peter Howell
Thomas the Rhymer Dick Mills
Contact Malcolm Clark
For Love or Money Roger Limb

See the label site for details.

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