Jürgen Michaelis & The Spirit Of The Machine

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At Superbooth 16, JoMox was showing one of the most unusual electronic instruments we’ve seen this year, the Akasha Synth.

Akasha is a dodecahedron-shaped instrument, with 12 interacting grids with 5 sides, allowing for 60 interconnections.

Here’s a video demo by JoMox founder Jürgen Michaelis:


In his demo, Michaelis discusses his wide-ranging inspirations for the Akasha Synthesizer, ranging from the Platonic Solids, to neural networks, to the four elements.

The Akasha Synthesizer is a unique prototype. You can find out about the instrument designs of Jürgen Michaelis at the JoMox site.

8 thoughts on “Jürgen Michaelis & The Spirit Of The Machine

    1. Let’s hope it doesn’t have midi, jomox failed with the SunSyn and should have got a 3rd party to fix the code.

  1. And I thought the Resonator Neuronium was weird…

    JOMOX as a company is freakin weird.

    They could have made lots o’ money re-releasing the xbase-09.

    They could have given us an updated m-base with sample layering.

    The could have re-released the Sunsyn and made us all drool over it.

    Nope… the guy builds a dodecahedron art installation…

  2. By far the most creative synth I’ve seen in a long time.

    Instruments like this, that feature an entirely original interface, force musicians to think outside the rut of playing the usual riffs. Would love to spend some time discovering how this works!

    Glad to see JoMoX thinking beyond making money on releases and what people expect them to make, and doing something entirely original, instead.

  3. This guy was really having fun!!

    I like how people can be so risky and funny.
    Congratulations dear developer 🙂

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