Cosmic Sequence – Live Synth Jam

Bruno Ender Lee performs Cosmic Sequence, part 1 & 2, live in the studio.

Technical details:

Part 1: MacBeth M5N, Roland System-1, Roland TR-8, Roland TB-8 & ARP Odyssey with Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencer, Studio-88 (leads), MiniMoog Voyager OS (bass), Roland Juno-106, Analogue Solutions Vostok, Korg MS2000.

Part 2: Roland System-1, Roland TR-8, Korg MS-20 mini with Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencer, Studio-88 (leads), Korg MS2000 (pads), Korg MS-20 mini & Roland System-1 (leads)

4 thoughts on “Cosmic Sequence – Live Synth Jam

  1. loved the begining on video one but was board by 5minutes in ,was expecting it to go somewhere ,awesome synth lines nice dreamy ,

    video 2, same again nice dreamy sequences
    but i found the drums lacking in both sequences,

    sell the tr808 and buy something to do that arp proud

    1. no tr-808 mate – only a cheapo tr-8 ;-/ that’ll be why the drums sound lame, they’re not analogue!

      $15,000 Studio 88 . . . . . . . jesus!

  2. Percussion is typically fairly minimal in this type of music, often non-existent. I enjoyed the tracks but found them both a little long and narrow.

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