Alpha Piano MPiano At Musikmesse 2016


At Musikmesse 2016, Alpha Piano introduced the MPiano – a futuristic touch-sensitive keyboard.

The “M” stands for ‘mechatronic’ piano. Beneath each key is an adjustable actuator that makes the resistance and thereby the perceived weight of the keys adjustable. This means it can have the ‘feel’ of a concert grand, an organ or synth keyboard, depending on your preference.

In addition, the surfaces of the individual keys are touch-sensitive and can be used for expressive MIDI control.

Here’s a video overview from the show floor:

Settings are adjustable via the ACTOR iPad application.

The Alpha Piano M-Piano is expected to be available ‘soon’. Pricing is TBA. See the Alpha Piano site for details.

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9 thoughts on “Alpha Piano MPiano At Musikmesse 2016

  1. …….and how does it play? I ask because it seems like everyone is afraid to touch this thing as there are no videos I can find where some one actually plays it. The person in the video barely brushes it despite being right there.

    The Alpha piano has one video out there where someone plays for about 10 seconds. This thing looks expensive. You’d think they would make some demos that show it in action. None the less, I’m intrigued.

  2. I’ve been at Musikmesse and found out that this was a prototype – literally out of the lab the night before. But they wanted to show this instrument at Messe already. I think this is a good move.

    Price is about 8000 EUR incl stand. Just the keyboard = 5000 EUR

    Will be interesting what they will come up with in the next few weeks.

  3. this is the most unhelpful and uninteresting video which I’ve ever seen. Even in comparison with ‘unpacking’ videos or eurorack modules bleeps/bloops demos. Products of this category must have better demo-makers

  4. Yeah, am I wrong or does he not actually play a single note, completely useless video. A list of bullet points would have sufficed.

  5. Essentially an 8000eu keyboard with polyphonic after-touch..Come-on guys this is a very boring idea..
    And btw it is not a piano!

    1. Imagine you were rich and wanted to have a keyboard in your fancy home. This might be it! Grand pianos don’t cost much less.
      And if you already have this keyboard, you must have someone to clean it from dust.

  6. So is it actually a piano or a MIDI controller? You are paying for the arty-funky styling and I have to say it looks great. But if its also a MIDI controller, what about physical controls to control software instruments? From what I can see you are back to a MIDI controller that is ‘dumb’ and you have to control your software synth using a mouse. Yes, it looks awesome, but how practical is it in comparison to modern MIDI controllers such as the Native Instruments Kontrol S series, and others?

    So its all about appearance – not functionality or practicality. I’d much rather spend my money on some top end 88 note MIDI controllers that give me an ability to easily control software instruments without having to reach for my mouse. If I were going to spend a lot on a digital piano, I’d get the Roland V-Piano ( or a Korg SV-1 88 ( or, invest in a Seaboard Grand if I want something truly innovative.

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