2 thoughts on “Get Started With Launchpad For iOS

  1. This would be a great app for me if it had one thing that the hardware version have….a Scene Launch button. The swipe feature is too much of a risk when playing live.

  2. Give it live looping functionality like Ableton Live’s Session “clip” view and charge $5 intro price… oh wait, sample packs are worth more $$

    Hopefully Loopy HD will have a major update with a clip-type grid view, but I doubt it.

    With the power of current iOS devices, it should be no problem to make a Session-view style clip launcher with live recording and looping capability (esp. If you’re not concerned about tempo time-stretching or pitch-manipulation). But it seems like anyone with the resources to program the app has more interest in up-sale profits via in-app sample pack purchases.

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