Moog Announces ‘Global Synthesizer’, Looking For Field Recordings From Around The World

Moog Music & sound artist Yuri Suzuki have announced plans for The Global Synthesizer Project, an modular audio installation that will debut at Moogfest 2016.

The installation will feature a modular synthesizer in the shape of a world map, featuring modules loaded with crowd-sourced sounds from around the world.


The Global Synthesizer promises to let users create new sonic environments, based on the manipulation of a global collection of source materials.

Of particular interest to modular synthesists is a new module, visible in Moog’s overview video, the Moog/Yuri Suzuki World Sound Sampler. No details on the Sampler module, or whether there are plans to release it commercially, have been announced.

Request For Field Recording Submissions

moog-field-recordingThe Global Synthesizer Project is asking for submissions of field recordings from around the world.

Field recordings can be submitted to [email protected] in either .aiff or .wav format. Include location and sound-source info with your submission.

The Global Synthesizer Project will debut at Moogfest 2016, being held in Durham, North Carolina, May 19-22. To learn more about this year’s festival, visit the Moogfest site.

20 thoughts on “Moog Announces ‘Global Synthesizer’, Looking For Field Recordings From Around The World

  1. Yes! Art + technology = innovation. People criticize Moog, but who else would try stuff like this? Don’t forget that music is an art form.

    1. The World Sound Sampler definitely looks like it’s a Euro module, not a Moog format module.

      Moog really needs to figure out how to do a modern Moog format module, though. I’d like to see them introduce new large-format modules, using their traditional panels and knobs, but otherwise aligning with the de facto standard for 5U,

      This would allow them to maximize their revenue on new module designs, get them access to the broader dotcom 5U audience and open up expansion options for Moog modular owners.

    1. Moog has spoken out against the laws in N Carolina… Very publicly.

      I wouldn’t boycott Moog. They are not the enemy here.

      1. So you’re saying people shouldn’t be held responsible for the officials they elect? Sorry. I don’t buy that. You’re saying that people shouldn’t fight for the governments they want, because they can cop out of the responsibility by claiming “hey, I didn’t vote for that guy.” That is a completely naieve attitude to take.

        I never said “don’t blame me for Bush”. We owned the consequences for it, fought harder and got something better. That’s the point of putting the pressure on.

        I know they don’t approve of the laws, but Moog need to fight harder next time or get out of North Carolina themselves. Any pressure that encourages people to fight harder to make a positive change, yeah, count me in.

        1. By that argument you cannot have relationships with pretty much anybody. Just about everyone has lived under a representative that did things you or I didn’t agree with. You cast them aside just because they live/work/do business there? It’s one thing if they actively support these politicians, its another if they are silent but if they are actively engaged against such politicians it serves no purpose to ignore them. How would you act if you had a relative living in NC.

          The idea the Moog should move makes no sense either. The best way to fight against policy is to do it head on, not run away from it. Moog has a voice as long as they stay. As soon as they move, that voice really doesn’t matter in NC state politics.

          If you think Moog’s statement does nothing, you should look at the responses it got right here on Synthtopia. There was good civil discussion on the matter. Something desperately needed on this issue.

          1. Oh. It got a response on Synthtopia. Problem solved I guess. I’m getting a press release from the governor’s office now. Yup, it was the synthtopia discussion that did it. Law repealed. Good job, guys.

            1. “Oh. It got a response on Synthtopia. Problem solved I guess. I’m getting a press release from the governor’s office now. Yup, it was the synthtopia discussion that did it. Law repealed. Good job, guys.”

              well I’m sure your not sending samples to aid an artistic project, done by people who apposed very the policy you’re against, will definitely help.

              Man, your political reasoning is beyond pathetic. also, try not to use sarcasm, if can avoid it, it’s not something that I feel helps your arguments much.

    2. Would you also boycott a company that’s run by LGBT+ management, just because they’re in NC? Spread the word, sign petitions, support the cause. But why boycott companies just because they’re in NC? Boycotting companies who support HB2, fair enough! But don’t be penalising and spreading negativity about ones who are pro equality and supporting the rights of marginalised people.

      1. Yup. I haven’t heard anything about Moog witholding property taxes, so they’re still sending money to Raleigh as far as I can tell. Money that pays for oppressing and humiliating people.

        You might not agree, but in my view, a press release doesn’t get you off the hook for what your government does. Especially if it is a govenment you voted for and are funding.

        I’ll be the first to congratulate them when they change the government or the laws, but I judge by actions and results, not words.

        1. Every tax dollar paid in the U.S. goes to support it’s policies. I’m guessing there are some of those you don’t agree with too. Are you boycotting all those businesses?

          Moog alone cannot change their government. They can only do their small part. The press release by them did have an impact. It’s more than can be said for many of the businesses and people of NC.

          1. What was the impact? To my knowledge, law still stands. If advocacy ends up working, that’s great, but governments are very paitient in waiting out words. Waiting out falling tax revenue, not so much, and half a boycott is no boycott at all.

        2. Firstly, the fact that this whole bathroom debate has become so big so suddenly, is a clue that is nothing more than an issue being whipped up for political reasons, and not because there’s an actual problem. Every bandwagons on, so the can claim that they’re fighting for humanity. Give me a break!

          Secondly, what you are promoting is fascism. When you cannot tolerate other views and opinions that loose your own, and then also demand the tearing down if anyone or anything that doesn’t share your ‘all in’ attitude on whatever the political issue is, you become the very thing you claim to oppose (intolerant, demanding, unwilling to let others be, and calling for a government to take over and stamp your enemies to death).

          The social justice warriors sound more and more like Nazis, everyday. It’s time to point out the hipocracy of these professional ‘victims’.

          Adolph Hipster

  2. why not to make sampler module available first??? I wait for a sampler module that works like that for ages… Why should I record and send my material and let it manipulate only by Yuri, which is excited too, but you know, WHY???
    amazing project, BUT the module probably is not so special (as special as a moog- of course) without the sampler module, right? give it away!!!

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