New Step Sequencer, ITVL, Offers Generative Features


ITVL (Interval) is a new sequencer, for OS X & Windows, that combines elements of classic step sequencing and generative music.


  • 32-Step next generation dynamic sequencer.
  • 4 Independent linkable tracks.
  • 4 Separate MIDI out.
  • 2 Customizable scales.
  • 1 Chromatic scale.
  • Each track has a mono mode and poly mode.
  • Add variation to the pattern automatically.
  • Split pattern and send to different MIDI channels.
  • MIDI control & sync.
  • Standalone / host 2 VST plug-ins.

Here’s the official video intro:

ITVL Features:

Pricing and Availability

ITVL is available now for OS X & WIndows for US $39.99. A demo version is also available.

5 thoughts on “New Step Sequencer, ITVL, Offers Generative Features

  1. Pretty musical for a ‘generative sequencer’. Next party I have I’m going to set up a few patches, pump it through my stereo, and let it do its thing. ; )

  2. It does seem pretty cool. Limited in some ways, but with some unique features and twists.

    If this app looks interesting to you, I’d suggest you also compare it to Numerology. Numerology is VERY powerful, but has a steep learning curve. This seems like you could figure it out pretty quickly, but still get weird and cool results.

    1. No proper GUI on Noatikl. I found the GUI unusable. Since I last tried, they hardly used graphics at all in the user interface. Mostly drop down menus and coding for simple things like a step sequence pattern.

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