10 Covers In 10 minutes On The Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

This video, via Gattobus, captures 10 covers in 10 minutes on the Roland JD-XA synthesizer.

The demo was recorded straight from the Roland JD-XA to an audio interface, with no external audio processing.

Covers index:

0:08 – Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
1:00 – Save a prayer – Duran Duran
1:46 – Orinoco Flow – Enya
2:23 – Radio Gaga – Queen
3:16 – Enjoy the silence – Depeche mode
4:08 – Chase – Giorgio Moroder
5:24 – Kelly watch the stars – Air
6:10 – Oxygene II – Jean Michel Jarre
7:50 – Around the world – Daft Punk
9:18 – On The Run – Pink Floyd

16 thoughts on “10 Covers In 10 minutes On The Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

    1. Those are extra freely assignable wheels ASSIGN1 & ASSIGN2 in addition to the classic two in one Roland style pitch bend and mod when down to the lower left of the keyboard. So they can be used for other duties than basic pitch bend and / or mod work.

  1. The front panel on this thing is bad (you can get a different one at synthgraphics.com), but this is actually a great synth. hope they never catch on so I can get one used for cheap.

  2. I have heard other demos by Gattobus (Gianni Proietti). This guy is great. Best Demo of Roland JD-XA. I think Roland misses the boat with good synth design but bad demos that don’t show off what the new synth can do. People get the impression it’s not worth buying. Then we hear a demo like this and realize how awesome this board sounds. I had no idea the JD-XA sounded this good.

  3. Good demo but Radio Gaga synth line is really too hard to emulate. I think it was an EMS with support from an engineer.

  4. The sequence for sweet dreams has a mistake it in, which I know is being picky, but it’s just one of those things… Couldn’t make it to the next song.

  5. Very good demo of all in one capabilities and yes there were a few minor mistakes there and in “around the world” also but it’s been realy great to listen to!

  6. That was a fun exercise and a really well done demo, takes forever to setup and do demos like that. Thumbs up for the the demo, but concerning the sound from the JDXA it might be ok for one man band cruise ship stuff but it sounds like karaoke/musak.

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