The Sound Of Captain America: Civil War

The latest videos in the Soundworks series take a look at the sound of the new film, Captain America: Civil War.

The first video, above, features the Skywalker Sound team that handled Captain America: Civil War, including Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Shannon Mills and Supervising Sound Editor Dan Laurie. Of particular note are the scene examples that feature the isolated sound design.

The second video, below, isn’t synth or or sound design focused, but is an interesting look at the thoughts behind Henry Jackman’s soundtrack for the film:


4 thoughts on “The Sound Of Captain America: Civil War

  1. Music is OK but I’m totally fed up with the endless procession of juvenile rubbish superhero movies. Hollywood is beyond parody, beyond saving.

    1. I liked teh supper hero movies! Their is nothing “juvenile rubbish” about them. Webster Dictionary defies “juvenile” as “unpleasantly childish.” If I were a child person would I know to use dictionary? I don’t think so. Dictionary are adult type books. I are a adult person and I knows other adult peoples who like teh supper hero movies two. That are way they so poplar!

  2. I really havn’t heard anything interesting done in superhero sound design since matrix bullet time shot s and star wars slave one bomb release in the asteroid field, anyone else have any notable favourites?

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