An Interview With John Mills-Cockell (Syrinx / Intersystems)

This video, via Electronic Voyager, captures an interview with Canadian composer John Mills-Cockell, whose resume includes scores for The National Arts Centre, Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto Repertory Orchestra and others; being a founding member of electronic rock band Syrinx and the multimedia group, Intersystems; and scoring Terror Train

As a member of Intersystems, John Mills-Cockell was one of the first musicians to use a Moog synthesizer in a live performance, in 1968. This was the first Moog modular synthesizer system brought into Canada. The Moog would also appear on recordings by his later band Syrinx, before meeting an sad end.

Electronic Voyager is an upcoming documentary about Bob Moog, from Robert Fantinatto and Jason Amm, the Director/Producer team behind the modular synthesizer documentary, I Dream Of Wires. The Electronic Voyager fundraising project will run through May 25, 2016. For more information on the documentary, the producers, and the project-backer rewards, visit the project page.

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