Lethal Synth Designed For Making A Hit

Lethal Audio has launched, with an inaugural release, Lethal synthesizer that offers a 5GB library of ‘commercial quality’ sounds.

Here’s what they have to say about it: 

Solid basses, epic synths, heart-warming strings, timeless pianos, professional drums and crisp percussion is only just the beginning.

Carefully crafted banks for all genres from Commercial to House to Hip-Hop to Trance to EDM, and everything in between.

Lethal features a huge library of over 3000 instruments and presets, all in lossless commercial quality.


  • 5 GB library of commercial quality sounds.
  • Over 1200 instruments & presets.
  • 2140 percussion & drum samples.
  • ‘Stunning’ core features and FX.

Pricing and Availability:

Lethal is available for US $199. Expansion packs for Lethal are free through June 30, 2017.

42 thoughts on “Lethal Synth Designed For Making A Hit

      1. You’re missing the point. What the heck is a “lossless preset?!”

        Are there synths out there that only load 90% of the patch parameters correctly each time? 😀

        1. It’s a rompler rather than a synth, so presumably it means the samples it’s based on are uncompressed. Think Nexus rather than Sylenth.

        2. I hope none of you make music and if you do, it can’t be for a living and it’s likely you’ve never been in a studio or around real engineers if you don’t know what lossless quality is, do a Google search for goodness sakes.

  1. “Bro, check this – you wanna make some bro trance?”

    “Yeah bro, we’ll get all the ladies that way. Sluts will be everywhere.”

    “Yeah bro.”

  2. i mean if the title says designed to make a hit.
    its auto-hate-on fodder.

    but if all the sounds are already crafted there is no interest for me at least
    the sound crafting is more fun than trying to make a “song” for me.

  3. They had me at hip hop and trance in the first sentence. I was reaching for my credit card at 5gb of samples on my hard drive. Then the card didn’t work. Phooey.

  4. It’s sort of weird that a trailer/teaser/launch video/whatever like this would get made. Maybe it’s just me, but the video just made me want the plugin less than before I knew it existed.

    Maybe the sounds are good, maybe even great, maybe the plugin is a damn masterpiece, but the video gave me no reason to actually care about it.

  5. Two things are slowly going out of fashion…

    – EDM
    – Ready to go preset-ROMplers

    So, let’s make a new Rompler for EDM

    1. what constitutes EDM, can some body please explain. give me some examples!

      am been serious am mystified by the term, it seems as elastic in meaning as big beat but thats me now showing my age.

      1. Styles vary, but in my mind the two things that distinguish EDM are that most of the tracks have that wub wub bass synth and most of the time the tracks are overly concerned with the “Drop.” There is some crossover between “chill wave” and “EDM.” If it’s got chipmunk vocals and huge builds leading to some sort of a “drop,” I consider that the poppier side of EDM.

        1. Hmmm, that definition of EDM is correct. I’ll add that it usually has repetive melodys with only 3 or 4 very loud notes, often supersaws or some other mix cutting sound. Limited to maximum loudness at all times. Lots and lots of risers that turn into lots and lots of drops and then back to the repetitive melody/rhythmic element.

          Chillwave however, has little in common with EDM. Chillwave is more of a indie genre. Hipster style tunes with electronic instrumentation. Stuff like Neon Indian.

          EDM has more in common with house and trance and seemed to come mostly from the Main room house sub genre, that had a lot of those big melodies, just louder and melodically simplified. Then things got louder, and louder, and more repetitive until now most of it really just seems to sound the same.

          Dubstep (the wobbles) is related sure, but came more out of the UK dubstep scene (Burial) then became American Brostep party music. Some elements of that get tossed into EDM but not much, they tend to not be played by the same DJ’s much.

          I am noticing a lot more of a Trap element in EDM nowadays. Drops that turn into dirty south 808 snare rushes and bass. I wonder how long that will last. Seems mostly to be a genre tied to trends. It’s essentially electronic musics idea of pop music. Whatever sells and fills festivals.

          1. many thanks to you both, it does seem like the fetishistic nature of sub genres is mainly an exploitation of a production technique rather than a new beat! at their core most genres seem definable but you don’t have to move far from the centre for the boundaries to become blurred.
            to here you talk about American Brostep and Chillwave makes me realise how quickly these genres come and go (i have never heard of them), the internet seems to have intensified humans tribal instinct and coupled it with trends in technology and knowledge with in dance music (and wider culture).
            its a topic that is beginning to fascinate me more and more, and I intend to do more research on this, many thanks for insights!

    2. I agree and can’t wait for this crap to go away. There are really good genres out there that got blanketed by “EDM” and it’s infuriating.

  6. i use synthmaster a lot, which has a similar approach. but – i am sorry to say – this video is really uninspiring, soundwise.

  7. The demo sounds good. It. They showed some violins, but it isn’t clear this 5GB of uncompressed data has much in the way of orchestral sounds. Maybe it does, but they needed a very “modern” sounding demo.

    The promo seems a little too “slick” but they are kind of damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    There are lots of options, and I imagine for some people this will do what they need it to do and for that $200 isn’t that much to ask.

  8. Thank God for the internet, so every hater can hate all day long. How about growing up? If you don´t like it then just don´t like it. It´s that easy. There is no reason or need for any of these comments. And why not simply start your own company and create something which has all the bells and whistles you are missing? Ah, too hard? Hmm …

      1. no it doesn´t, because it just observation. But keep on hating, that´s obviously what these forms are for (I really did enjoy the days, when people exchanged opinions rather than just sounding negative)

    1. Come on. Synthhead knows his audience, and this post is classic click bait. The creator’s preposterous claims are simply being called out. The Prophet-5 was a revolutionary instrument designed for hit making. This is a genre-based rompler.

  9. One thing I find hilarious is when people complain about ‘haters’, what an infantile perspective.

    Somehow upset by opinions they don’t agree with, they remedy the situation by giving their own opinions about the other people’s need to share their opinion..

    Internet justice warriors, and sworn enemies of ‘haters’, please grow up!

    1. pfffffff, hahaha… I was not upset by any opinions (if you had read my post which you clearly did not). I was pointing out that the majority seems to be only happy when posting something bad or hating stuff. There used to be a time when this was not the case and people just kept quiet, But maybe you are too young to remember 🙂

      1. Are you referring to a time before the internet? 😉

        And yes, I read your post, it clearly implies that people who don’t like something should grow up and not bother expressing an opinion.

  10. The demo doesn’t give any info about the sample library, the free (for now) expansion packs, the fidelity or the features of the synth. However, despite the lack of info above, some commenters seem quite comfortable passing confident judgements about this product without knowing much.

    Of course, it is fair to comment on the demo/teaser.

    If anyone has kicked down $200 and downloaded those expansions, would love to know what you think of it.

  11. I dont see anywhere on their website where this is advertised as being “Designed To Make A Hit”. It seems to be like Nexus but cheaper, neither which have any interest to me personally, but they probably do to some. Teaser videos never show the full picture, so I’m reserving judgement.

  12. Idk I feel that your money would be better spent on a Maschine mikro 2.o. it comes with like 16g of samples and 4-5 plugins… and massive. which is a true synth. and it’s somewhere in the $350 range

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