5 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Plays ‘Greetings Mr. Fripp’ On iPad

  1. Wow. I am extremely impressed. A lovely and haunting track. Written by Rudess?
    I knew Jordan can play the keyboard lightninig fast, but had no idea he was also talented with emotional compositions.
    (Excuse the ignorance, I’ve never listened to dream theater)
    Sounds like there is a secondary track (strings) accompanying the lead sound. I’m thinking geoshred may be able to layer multiple tracks, but the iTunes info doesn’t say. It does say: MIDI MPE support coming in early 2016. I may have to check this app out.

  2. Wow, I think he nailed some of the trademark Fripp sounds. As a tribute to one of the greatest guitar innovators this little piece is very convincing. Glad that I overcame my fear of being disappointed again by a Jordan Rudess video.

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