Blocs Wave Update Adds User Sound Library


Novation has released another update to their rapidly version incrementing Blocs Wave app.

Earlier this month, they updated Blocs Wave to version 4, adding Slice Mode. Now, Novation has released Blocs Wave v5, which adds a user library, which lets you manage imported and recorded sounds.

You can now use your imported and recorded loops in Discover mode, keep all your recordings safe, edit multiple library sounds, and even re-import your sounds with a new Flatten feature.

Here’s a video intro to Blocs Wave v5:

Here’s a guide to importing sounds:

Here’s an example of Blocs Wave in action – recreating Daft Punk’s One More Time:

Here’s what’s new in Blocs Wave 5:

  • Never lose your recorded or imported sounds – Find them in the user library
  • Use your own sounds in Discover mode – Easily combine your own sounds with soundpacks
  • Edit multiple sounds – Delete, reassign key and type for multiple sounds at once
  • Use Flatten to trim and save sliced or looped sounds to your user library

Blocs Wave is available for US $6.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Blocs Wave, share your comments on it in the comments!

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