Nanoloop Mono Turns Game Boy Into An Analog Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Nanoloop shared this short preview video, demoing the Nanoloop Mono prototype.

The Nanoloop Mono is a 3-channel analog synthesizer on a Game Boy cart. The sound comes from the Game Boy’s headphone output.

The demo is (clearly) of a prototype. Details are to be announced.

via palmsounds

8 thoughts on “Nanoloop Mono Turns Game Boy Into An Analog Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. i love this ,i’d much rather have this than any apple app ,lack of control knobs is a worry though

    1. Maybe it’s using the speaker?

      There is certainly enough background hum and noise present to indicate a phone camera mike.

    2. Apparently according to olivers twitter. the sound is coming straight from the cartridge, no digital wave forms are being generated by the gameboy.

  2. I heart everything about this (inducing the white macbook in the background!). I’d rather have AudioBus and Ableton LINK support for the iOS app though! /selfish bastard.

  3. This is crazy exciting. So a analogue synth controlled by a gameboy sequencer. That screams pocket analogue drum machine. Chances are it will be have CV gate also if past nanoloops are anything to go by. Sign me up.

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