Audionomy Intros DM2 – A Pure Data Powered Drum Synth For iPad


Audionomy has introduced DM2 – a new synthesis-based drum machine, from the creator of DM1.

DM2 is powered by Pure Data, an open source language for audio and visual synthesis. Along with a polymetric sequencer and an extensive song mode, DM2 includes a fully graphical editor for creating drum sounds.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s an introduction to drum synthesis with DM2:

Audio demos:


  • Retina Display
  • Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
  • Pure Data powered audio engine with dynamic rendering
  • Ready-made electronic drum kits
  • Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
  • 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
  • Polymetric Sequencer
  • Powerful graphic editor for Audio Synthesis
  • That offers for each sound:
  • A mix of an oscillator (Sin|Triangle|Sawtooth|Square) and a noise generator
  • Two self-oscillating filters (lowpass|bandpass|hipass)
  • Two volume envelopes (exponential|linear|clap)
  • A pitch modulator for the oscillator (exponential|lfo|random)
  • A distortion effect to boost or crush your sound
  • A stereo switch
  • Copy and Paste sounds
  • Swap sounds between two tracks9 Pads to play and record patterns
  • With Beat Repeat effec
  • Full screen Mixer with volume, pan and solo mode for each track
  • 4 FX Pads for your Master Effects chain : Compressor | Overdrive >>> Phaser | Chorus >>> Delay >>> Reverb
  • Mode song with fast editing and patterns repeat
  • Audio background mode
  • Audiobus support
  • Full Midi implementation
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Ableton Link compatible

Pricing and Availability:

DM2 is available at an introductory price of US $4.99 (40% off the normal price).

17 thoughts on “Audionomy Intros DM2 – A Pure Data Powered Drum Synth For iPad

  1. Apart from the drum synth, DM2 is not terribly different from DM1.

    One improvement is that you can change the sequence length for individual tracks (or globally)– DM1 only did global changes of that nature. DM2 does away with the fake time-signatures which amounted to nothing more than preset sequence lengths.

    The sounds are fine, I guess. I don’t really find them all that interesting or ground-breaking. Honestly, I’ve gotten much more interesting sounds (and grooves) from SeekBeats. However, I think the latter lacks a song mode, so for assembling longer form stuff DM1 and DM2 are better.

    Apart from the per-track-sequence-length thing, there’s not much interesting about what you can do rhythmically in the DM2.

    It’s a pretty interface and it is the same lovely logic that makes the DM1 so easy to use and recommend. It was a little wonky when I was trying to change sounds while it was running, but it didn’t crash.

    1. “Apart from the drum synth, DM2 is not terribly different from DM1.”

      Those are the two key features! The great interface of DM1 is combined with a drum synth.

      Of course, would be nice to have a DM3 that could handle both samples and synths.

    1. You could set the sequence length to a multiple of 5. For example, in 16-step mode, you could truncate to 10 or 15 steps, or in 32-step mode, you could truncate to up to 30 steps per bar. You would have to scale the tempo so that your beat (which is hard-wired to every 4 steps) gives you the rate you want.

      You can also do this with other tuplets. You can also use the song editor to get a longer form going as needed. What you CAN’T do is mix and match tuplets with non-tuplets. In other words, there is only one step rate. You can jump through some hoops with higher tempos and some fudging of polyrhythms. But it isn’t worth it when there are other apps that do allow more advanced rhythmic fun (Multi-Track Studio, or Patterning).

  2. Great! I have waited for an ipad drum synth which would be USABLE. As DM1 is great from that perspective, I can trust this.

    1. I cant understand why you get 6 bumps up… Patterning is a sample player this is a drum synthesizer very different concept… you can not compare apples with pears…

      1. Pears are a little taller and pointer on the top bit. Both juicy and mostly sweet, though granny smith apples are tangier. Both are delicious though and you should try both.

  3. I have elastic drums seekbeats and dm2 and I can say you elastic drums is much better… Much more sound possibilitys… Dm2 is cool and easy to use but very limited, like Seekbeats, but for this price 4,99$ I think its great 🙂

  4. i liked the DM1 but was very disappointed by the lack of development and fixes.
    everything midi about it was buggy as hell. never got it to work.

    after the first generation or two of apps i am only supporting the developers with decent track record. tired of half working apps.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I had problems with exporting, it always bugged me that it pretended to have time-signatures but didn’t scale steps for 6/8 or 12/8 so that it was 3 steps per beat. That was always a half-baked feature. That said, there’s a nice selection of sounds and the interface is super logical. I do wish that they were more on it with bug fixes.

  6. Speaking as a complete Drum App Addict (and therefor not speaking for everyone by any stretch) I can say without hesitation that the idea of Not getting DM2 seems out of the question. It’s version 1.0 of a drum synth / sequencer. The developer Pascal has a to-do list that addresses every request that I have for the app. It’s $5. If you’re interested in drum synthesis and iOS DM2 will put a smile on your face.

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