Celldweller On The New Minimoog

This video, via producer celldweller, offers his take on the new Moog Minimoog Model D reissue.

Moog has taken what it learned about 70s synth parts and manufacturing inreissuing the classic Moog Modulars, and is applying it to recreating the iconic Minimoog.

They are using the same components and circuit board layout of the original Model D, but have updated the design to add a new dedicated LFO, basic MIDI In/Out, a better keyboard and new control-voltage patching options. 

At Moogfest 2016, we also filmed a hands-on demo with Moog synth guru Nick Montoya, who also performs as part of the synth band The Volts Per Octaves). Montoya goes into detail on the new synth’s capabilities and also shares some audio demos:

The Minimoog Model D is priced at US $3,499.

14 thoughts on “Celldweller On The New Minimoog

  1. I am not opposed to reissuing classic synths, but if upgrades are acceptable, shouldn’t patch memory be at the top of the list?

    1. That would require a complete overhaul of the entire circuit. Patch memory is not something that can just be slapped on any synth for a few dollars. Why do you need patch memory anyway? God forbid you actually have to turn a few knobs on the Minimoog to get the sound you want… what a BORE, huh?

    2. Come now, when you look to see the synth within…then you will find the patch memory you need is within your heart

    3. Patch memory requires digital control of evey parameter. Instead of connecting a potentiometer knob directly to the circuit, you have to digitize the knob value and then output that value using a digital to analog converter. It’s not something to can easily bolt on to a vintage design.

  2. Ugh. True story…I bought a mini moog for $100 in 1994. Was at a local junk shop. He had that and a Yamaha portashit, also for $100. I said…” Can I buy the moog”. I even had the gall to talk him Down to $75..playing it before him and saying how it was all ‘out of tune’. SO Ya…$75 actually. Had it for A few years but got lured by Mad german to sell it to him for $2000….which was just mental at the time. Regret selling it…and would love another. But, excuse my French, $3500 fucking USD?!?!? They are as mad as that german bloke was…

    1. It’s not mad considering it’s probably handmade in USA and not in a Chinese sweatshop. Then you all cry why the middle class is vanishing

  3. I’m just a bit concerned about the price tag. It’s about the same as a Voyager, which did have patch memory, an X/Y pad and a few things this one seems to lack. Of course, I’m drooling for one no matter what.

  4. Oh come on, all you people complaining about the price. What did you expect after the price they were asking for the new modulars they came out with recently? Moog=high price. Deal with it or buy a Korg Minilogue and have a lot more fun with the money you save.

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