Synth Jam For The Polymoog With Three Mothers

Sunday Synth JamRheyne shared this video, which captures a synth jam for a polyphonic Moog setup, based on three Mother 32 Euro modules, controlled by a KMI QuNexus.

Here’s what Rheyne has to say about the technical details:

A demonstration of how “Channel Rotation” on a KMI QuNexus can be used to turn multiple mono synths into one polyphonic synth.

With nothing connected to the VC MIX inputs on the Mothers, the VC MIX output and some multiples are controlling all three filters with one knob.

The MIDI DIN outputs of an iConnectMIDI4+ are triggering the synths on three MIDI channels.

MIDI and audio loops are recorded with Ableton Live. Reverb is also from Ableton.

You can download the 24bit/48khz WAV via the SoundCloud embed below:

13 thoughts on “Synth Jam For The Polymoog With Three Mothers

  1. Someone once says majority of moogs have been monophonic because man isn’t ready for more than one voice at a time.

    This proves it true. Makes me wonder what a poly minimoog d would sound like

  2. Lovely. Aaaand, I am pretty certain that this could be done equally well at a fraction of the hardware cost.

    1. Please tell your fellow Synthtopians what the cheaper-but-sonically-and-functionally-equivalent set up would be. Genuinely curious since I’m considering the Moog-based kit at the moment.

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