The Orb At Moogfest

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Faces of Moogfest 2016The Orb performed to a huge crowd at Durham, NC’s Armory building.

The Orb (Dr. Alex Paterson, left; and Thomas Fehlmann, right) kept the Moogfest crowd moving with a combination of beats, samples, textures and psychedelic imagery.

“The tune is never finished, you always have to continue writing it in order to keep it alive,” says Fehlmann.

The Orb is the subject of a new documentary, Lunar Orbit:

They are also touring and have a special show planned for the 25th anniversary of the release of Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld.

13 thoughts on “The Orb At Moogfest

  1. the orb is the most desapointing concert memory I have…..they were half hidden behind curtains and the sound was ear piercing so we left before the end……It was circa 1997

  2. Really wanted to go and had the time set aside, but I have long hair and would lose too much income if I had to go to prison in North Carolina after being in a tussle with cops over using the wrong bathroom, never mind the risk of being shot, beaten or tased.

    Used to love to fly out to Asheville, and to visit the beaches on the coast, but North Korolina is in the no-fly zone for me now. Nothing personal, I know the people there want to live that way, and it’s their business.

    Kind of surprised though to see bands I used to like such as The Orb playing in this area given their oppression of human rights. Oh well, to each their own.

    1. did you know the average person living in NC doesnt have any actual control over the state government? WHAT A SHOCKING TRUTH!! maybe that is too difficult for some people to figure out?

      but thats ok – any excuse to hate is good enough for me


    2. This is an entirely idiotic comment. I went to Moogfest, I saw the Orb there. I also live in the South. The politicians down here WANT this area to continue to be isolated from the rest of the world, so they can continue to encourage hate unchallenged. So, congratulations because you are feeding right into what they want to happen. It’s funny, because back during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, people from all over came to the South to fight for equality – they were called Freedom Riders. Today, people like you want to exist in your comfortable bubble and not do shit but post on the Internet.

      Moogfest made a big effort to demonstrate its opposition to HB2 aka the bathroom bill. Moogfest enabled people from all over – including plenty of queer and trains people – to come together and be together, something the bigots in power don’t want. Durham also had tons of gender neutral bathrooms – more than I’ve seen in most places. HB2 was designed precisely to attack this kind of progressive city. So, continue to stay isolated, you offer nothing to better our lives with your self righteous BS.

      1. states that oppress people like that don’t get my money. Nothing idiotic about that. Who knows what they are going to do with the cash. More idiotic stuff.
        Don’t like Iranian politics don’t go there and spend money there, don’t like NC politics don’t spend money there.

        1. And where is this utopian place you live and work? All forms of government have oppression of all sorts of different ideas and people. That doesn’t keep me from visiting and interacting with the people who are generally nothing like their government. Moogfest made it very clear from the beginning they weren’t not in support of HB2 and they were welcoming to all peoples. In fact, many were referring to it as a protest event.

          Good luck finding that utopian space to spend your money.

    1. Yeah hard to take the Orb seriously any more. U.F Orb, Live 93 and Terrarum are incredible albums. There are some good tracks on Orblivion (WHY did they drop the lead melodies from the album version of Asylum!?) and Cydonia, but really they lost the essence when Kris was ousted. Hope he gets to finish his album.

    2. To correctly reflect an importance of Thrash Weston contribution your sentence should look like:
      “Dr” Alex Twaterson, still coasting on
      1. Steve Reich brilliant music
      2. Rickie Lee Jones brilliant monologue
      3. anonymous Rooster brilliant crowing
      4. brilliant “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton

      20. Thrash Weston brilliant music

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