New Synthesizer For Two, The Dato Duo

Dutch instrument developers Dato have announced the Dato Duo, a new synthesizer designed to be used by two people at the same time.

The Dato DUO combines a synthesizer and sequencer into an electronic instrument that is designed to be used by children and adults alike. While one player plays a melody on the sequencer side, the other creates its sound and adds percussion on the synthesizer side.

Production is being funded via a Kickstarter project. Here’s the official intro video:

“Synthesizers are too much fun to be left to grown-ups alone”, says Dato co-founder David Menting.

The wedge-shaped electronic instrument houses a synthesizer on one side and a sequencer on the other. The eight-step circular sequencer has a pentatonic keyboard to play melodies into it, with further buttons and knobs to change those melodies on the fly.

The other side of the instrument controls the synthesizer. Two large sliders control the two digital oscillators and the filter-cutoff frequency, with basic envelope controls to shape the sound. Effects and percussion can be added using two touch pads.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from 27 May until 26 June. The first 100 early-bird backers can pre-order the synth for €269 (approx. $300), with regular Dato DUOs going for €299. Additional rewards include a limited all-black edition. See the project site for details.

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10 thoughts on “New Synthesizer For Two, The Dato Duo

  1. be sure to video tape the little ones and watch the “couch commandos” come out

    Now for adults i can see and interesting and fun activity

  2. At least the company is sell it as a toy. A $300 toy.
    By now I’ve been allowing my toddler to play on a $170 worth Alesis Micron insteed.

    1. David from Dato here. It’s great that you’re letting your toddler play with synths – it’s a nice introduction into the wonderful world of music production. In fact, seeing my toddler play with my MS2000 was one of the inspirations for designing the Dato DUO.

      We’re calling the Dato DUO a toy because it is a ton of fun, not because it is cheaply built or limited. In fact, we have just announced in an update on the Kickstarter page that every Dato DUO will be equipped with full-size MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors for when the kids grow older 🙂

  3. Who the hell pays that much for a toy for kids that age!? I’m sorry, cute as it is, if it’s more than $70 it isn’t happening. And being a synth nerd, I have no friends, so I can’t even buy it for myself!

  4. That’s an expensive toy for kids. Kids don’t play with one toy for a long time, especially one that just makes sound. After a day or two that $300 would be in a pile in the corner with all the other ‘old’ toys.

  5. Yikes! Expensive “toy” for children. Especially when a $50 monotron will do. And they’re just as happy. It’s what I do. I have two of ’em. One for my Grand-daughter and one for me. We have a blast making all sorts of squiggly squawks together.


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