Ripcord USB Universal Power Adapter For Music Gear Nearing Funding Goal On Kickstarter


It looks like the Ripcord – a new way to power all types of music gear via USB – is close to meeting its funding goals on Kickstarter.

Ripcord is a new power adapter system, designed to let you power your music devices via USB. The goal of the system is to free you from having to rely on custom wall-wart power supplies and wall outlets, and to let you power all your gear from any USB jack.

Here’s the official intro video:

Individual Ripcord cables are available to project backers starting at 14 Euro. See the campaign site for details.


15 thoughts on “Ripcord USB Universal Power Adapter For Music Gear Nearing Funding Goal On Kickstarter

  1. Using these with USB batteries or iOS power supplies would be cool, but I’m not quite ready to fry USB ports on my MacBook Pro. Don’t expect to crack open your laptop and find a fuse in there.

    I have a lot of photo/video/audio devices in my rig that all are different voltages so one USB power bank to run all would be most welcome.

  2. USB specification says that connected device can not draw more than 500mA of current, voltage is 5V (2.5W of power). Elektron Analog Four require (recommended) 12V 2A power plug (24W). What will happen if i connect Analog Four to this thing?

    1. @tralivallo Chances are you’re not going to power an Elektron with one of these. You can step 5V to 18V easily, but you get a fraction of the amps.

      However, many USB hubs, USB power adapters, and USB batteries supply 2A or more of power. An iPad USB power adapter supplies 2.1A. Anker makes 10 port USB powered hub that supplies 2.4A on all ports. Thorough research is necessary on all USB power devices, many of them split amps between ports or maybe only one or two ports will be powered while the rest get the standard 500mV. Still though, you aren’t going to power something large with it. It would be great for guitar pedals of differing voltages or other small electronic gear.

      1. If i step up 5V with 2.1A current ability to 12V for example (2.4 times), even with 90% efficiency (which is very good in todays DC-DC converters), i will get only 780 mA of current, which is not very large value i.e. to analog gear. And i still need to use wall-wart power supply. USB 3.0 maximum power draw is 1.5 A, or 500 mA stepped up to 12V. So this product can be useful indeed, but that picture with all that gear is a bit optimistic.

  3. Thunderbolt 3 through USB C is the port for powering synths and electronic devices.

    I’m sorry there is NO way Ripcord provides 12V3A or 16V4A 19V3.5A as required by various synths, electronic instruments.

  4. From website : 9v 1A , 18V – 0.5A, 12V – 0.75A , 9w output .

    still a great idea for lower powered devices . 50 hours to go @€2000 needed .
    If interested please pledge now .

    1. List of such lower power 9v 1A , 18V – 0.5A, 12V – 0.75A electronic instruments would be handy.
      Then I can power them from basic 5V 2A USB battery charger.

  5. Actually I should point out the title of this thread & the info I just posted may be misleading :
    The original Kickstarter campaign was for a fixed 9v version ( so not ” universal power ” which usually means variable voltages ) .
    Then myVolts added 12v & 18 v options , but each voltage is a DIFFERENT fixed cable ,
    so if you want 9v & 12v you need to buy those 2 specific cables .
    Hope that’s clearer .

    p.s I’m just a backer .

  6. I was emailing with the project and they told me that this should be able to power an Octatrack based on its power specifications. That would be awesome. It uses a different power supply than the analog 4 and analog rytm, however, so I don’t know if those would be a possibility.

  7. campaign Now FUNDED ! Congratulations to MyVolts & all backers .
    still 40 hours left for those interested to order .

  8. So glad this got funded! I really hope that the low noise wall warts and some reliable 4x and 8x USB hubs come with this. I’ll be able to get rid of half my power boards, and my pedal board finally looks like a reality!

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