KMI Brings K-Mix To iOS, Windows Support Coming Next


Keith McMillen Instruments has announced iOS support for its K-Mix audio interface and programmable mixer.

“Enabling the K-MIX to work with iOS frees us to bring everything needed for a studio-quality recording and editing system in a small carry-on bag, with room left for a toothbrush and a change of clothes,” says KMI Founder & CEO Keith McMillen. 

Here’s an example of the K-Mix being used with an iPad to create a field recording studio:

The K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update delivers a variety of features:

  • Stereo Pairing added as a replacement for Fader Groups (editor and firmware);
  • low/mid/high Phones Gain Level switch now defaults to mid (editor and firmware);
  • Pass Thru can now be enabled separately for faders and rotaries (editor and firmware);
  • added Expander Control switch settable from the editor defaults to off (editor and firmware);
  • added Bypass + parameter reset functionality — holding the Byps button and tapping a parameter now resets/normalises that parameter (firmware); and
  • Analog Clipping indication is now present in Input mode when VU is enabled (firmware).

The update also provides a notable number of fixes and improvements to existing K-MIX functionality.

KMI says that Windows compatibility is also on the way. Here’s a sneak preview:

Pricing and Availability

The K-Mix is available now for US $579. K-Mix Editor v1.2 for Mac is available as a free update.

10 thoughts on “KMI Brings K-Mix To iOS, Windows Support Coming Next

  1. i was wondering about using this in conjunction with something like AUM, routing all the inputs from the kmix thru various apps, adding in some more synth apps and drums and so on, mixing it all together then sending it back out the various kmix outs.. that sounds excellent i must say

  2. I would have a word of advice for those buying KMI. Make sure it meets your requirements as is, not on promised future updates or fixes.

  3. I’ll buy one of these. But not for now, as £529 cheapest UK price ain’t cutting it! That equals 771.80 US Dollars(?!?) UK has a two hundred dollar surcharge. That’s not practical.

  4. Wow that is one goofy way to mic a train. He must be new.
    I am constantly on the lookout for solutions to working with iOS so this is appealing. The light up Gumby controls are not attractive to me. I’d like something more “traditional” with real faders and pots. There is something to be said for beer-proof mixing though.

    1. No. The manual states that K-Mix cannot reliably be bus-powered by an iPad. It will light up, but audio I/O generally does not work. Would be some helpful information to have in this video.

  5. Some important information that this video neglects to mention is that K-Mix needs external power to function properly when connected to an iPad. It can’t reliably be bus-powered by an iPad. There is a power source conveniently off-screen.

  6. The new Apple USB/Lightning adapter solves many power problems. A USB battery could power both devices. Having separate power and data USB ports on the mixer is a smart move.
    Now how do we add a keyboard? Bluetooth?

  7. How did he connect all those mics? The kmix has only one mic input. I really like the concept, but why so many outputs on a digital “mixer” combined with so few inputs?

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