The Protosynth MIDI Offers ‘Super Epic Functionality’ For Synth Prototyping

tmkrs-protosynthTymkrs (Toymakers) has introduced the Protosynth – a powerful MIDI prototyping platform that converts incoming MIDI events into electrical signals that make it easy to experiment with.

Protosynth lets you quickly prototype MIDI-controlled creations, using a built-in breadboards, and then play your creation using any MIDI controller.

Protosynth Midi handles the complicated aspects of MIDI control, silently monitoring incoming MIDI, translating it into voltages and pulses that simple circuits can understand. It also allows you to route analog signals simply in and out of the back of the unit through four standard TRS ¼” jacks.

For each of the two MIDI channels (you can pick which channels) it includes a Note Port and a Control Port.

  • The Note Ports allow you to chain modules out to 128 notes worth of outputs.
  • The Control Ports allow you to chain modules out to 128 control change values (each one 0-127 and with Analog Shift modules you can turn all of those control change values into analog voltages).

To make getting started easier, they have also developed a collection of compatible modules for many common tasks: 555VCO, AND8, MIX8, Analog Shift, Shift Me, Amplify Me, VU Meter, Hear Me, NPN8, TTL8, Under Me, and Over Me.

If you prototype a project and want to make a finished device, they also offer Protosynth Midi Lite, which packs the power of Protosynth Midi into a small PCB.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Power supply
  • 5 Pin DIN MIDI Input
  • 4 ¼” Audio Input or Output TRS Jacks
  • Monitors two MIDI Channels
  • 5 standard solderless breadboards
  • 3.3vdc, 5vdc, and Ground connections for breadboard

For each channel:

  • Control Voltage
  • Trigger
  • Gate
  • Note Port
  • Control Port

The Tymkrs Protosynth MIDI is available now for US $275.

2 thoughts on “The Protosynth MIDI Offers ‘Super Epic Functionality’ For Synth Prototyping

  1. Could this be used to make an MIDI to CV converter control a Eurorack synth? If so it seems like could convert a bunch of different MIDI CC to CV. I am looking for way to control many of my Mother 32 parameters from MIDI at once.

    The built-in MIDI converter only does 1 CC. It seems like most Eurorack MIDI converters only do a couple at once.

    1. Short answer is yes.

      Chain(s) of Analog Shifts connected to the Control Port(s) get you as many MIDI controlled CV voltages as you would need for something like that.

      Only caveat being they are 0-3.3v or 0-5v, so if you have a module where the CV needs to be on a different scale you would want to pass the voltage from the Analog Shift into a module that can amplify/attenuate/scale/quantize/etc the voltage to what ever is perfect.

      Happy to help in any way. Feel free to email us!

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