ThumbJam Updated With Ableton Link, MPE Support & More

thumbjam-ipadSonosaurus has updated ThumbJam – an expressive software synth for iOS – to version 2.5, adding support for Ableton Link, MPE & more.

ThumbJam is designed to be an expressive multi-touch instrument. It offers over 40 multi-sampled instruments and interface that you can customize to translate various gestures into control over your instrument’s sound.

ThumbJam makes use of tilt and shake to add vibrato, tremolo, note bends, and volume swells for more realistic results. It supports up to five (eleven on iPad) simultaneous touches and up to 32 voice polyphony, for each of up to 8 loaded instruments/

Here’s what’s new in ThumbJam 2.5:

  • Added Ableton Link support, along with time stretchable loops, so tempo can be changed at any time now
  • Added new arpeggiator feature, with multiple patterns and options. Playable on screen or via MIDI input.
  • Support for Audiobus Remote triggers, and updated Audiobus SDK
  • Now optimized for iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Pro, with slide-over and split view support on recent iPads
  • Added 3D Touch support on iPhone 6S/6S+ options for velocity, volume, and filter cutoff controls
  • Added static MIDI CC input bindings for many controls (see users guide in app for details)
  • Added touch velocity UI control separate from volume, useful for velocity layered patches
  • Added max pan width control and added random pan control option
  • Can now send midi volume for x-axis volume mode
  • Make x-axis velocity use more of the space, no more half width. (Can revert to old way in options)
  • Added support for importing Scala or SXML files inside a ZIP archive
  • Now changing presets from the main menu will override any multi-splits (preventing confusion). Changing instruments within a specific split can still be done from the splits panel.
  • Added new reverb type (made it default), added additional higher quality choice for original reverb too.
  • Updated LPF filter implementation
  • Added custom background image option
  • Added option to toggle visibility of note grid

ThumbJam is available for US $8.99 in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “ThumbJam Updated With Ableton Link, MPE Support & More

  1. ThumbJam is so good, credit to the developer for keeping it updated.

    I’ve been using it since I installed it on my iPod Touch “many” (from an iOS perspective) years ago.

  2. Thumbjam is the gift that keeps on giving. I gave Jesse 9 bucks (~6.25 actually, thanks apple) 6 years ago and about once a year the app makes a giant leap. And it was worth 9 bucks to begin with!

    The white keys to scale feature is reason enough to justify a tenner. Actually, there are like 20 really thoughtful well implemented features that are all EACH worth the asking price.

    8 part multitimbral with 32 voices for each part? What? On the phone in your pocket? With 8 hours of battery life? Thumbjam IS the flying car.

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