Rancho Electro – “Salt Fires”

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco) let us know about a new project, Rancho Electro. He invites friends to perform and record a song with him, in the mountains of Ojai, California.

Here’s what Jorgensen has to say about the new project:

“It’s a video series where a guest artist is invited to Ojai, California to collaborate on a new musical composition with me. Utilizing traditional and electronic instruments, each group heads into the mountains above Ojai to film and record the performance of this new composition.”

The format requires working with a portable setup, and building an arrangement around instruments that can be battery powered.

The track, Salt Fires, was written and performed by:

  • Mikael Jorgensen – Electronics
  • Austin Donohue – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Shy Kedmi – Metallophone

It’s available on iTunes and Amazon.

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