Composer Dan Radlauer On Using A Breath Controller To Play More Expressively

TEControl shared this video, featuring film and TV composer Dan Radlauer demonstrating how he uses their USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2 (BBC 2) to play virtual instruments more expressively. 

The BBC 2 captures four independent MIDI streams, for four types of expression:

  • A piezoelectric transducer senses breath pressure
    The bite sensor senses the the force applied to the mouthpiece by teeth or lips
    The integrated accelerometer senses head nod and tilt

Details on the BBC 2 are available at the TEControl site.

9 thoughts on “Composer Dan Radlauer On Using A Breath Controller To Play More Expressively

  1. I’ve been obsessed with breath-controllers for years. I like my plain-old single stream TEControl, but got it before some more featured models arrived.

    Radlauer’s expressive playing is indeed impressive. It doesn’t quite get rid of the synthetic quality of the acoustic sounds, but it certainly makes them sound more artistically multi-dimensional.

    TEControl has hit it out of the park with this BBC-2.

  2. I once had a Yamaha BC3 with a MIDI conversion kit and I was heartbroken when I found out Yamaha discontinued it and I could not buy a replacement. I’ve now just received the TEControl device and I have to say thank you, it’s fantastic.

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