MIDI Designer Pro 2 For iOS Now Available

midi-designer-pro-2Confusion Studios has introduced MIDI Designer Pro 2 (MDP2), a major update to their professional MIDI controller platform for iOS.


  • Control all MIDI-enabled hardware and software: synths, effects, DAWs, plug-ins, DJ, VJ & lighting rigs, other iOS apps, robots, cruise ships, rail guns, particle accelerators
  • Near-zero latency connections via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lightning Cable (with musicIO) or any class-compliant MIDI hardw are
  • Design your perfect controller using customizable knobs, sliders, XY pads, labels, panels and more
  • Use supercontrols and subcontrols for advanced functionality with no scripting, ever
  • Choose background color, texture and LED color for up to 8 banks of 6 pages each
  • Save, load and share your layouts and pages
    Send/receive all MIDI message types (e.g., sysex, NRPN and 14-bit CC)
  • Use MDP2 as a heads-up display for external hardware via the “Pedalboards Feature”
  • Explore presets and other features at mididesigner.com/manual: discover a mature, reliable platform for your controller design and performance

Here’s what’s new in MPD2:

  • Redesigned look
  • IAP with new control types: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters (free DAW plugin from musicIO)
  • Preset Packs: share global presets with users of the same layout
  • Browse and upload within MDP2 to interact seamlessly with the Community
  • Hundreds of smaller new features, bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements for greater flexibility, stability and speed

The MIDI Designer Community has built layouts for many popular MIDI targets, including:

  • Akai: Miniak (= Alesis Micron)
  • Cakewalk: Sonar
  • CamelAudio: Camelspace, CamelPhat
  • Casio: XW Solo Synth (XW-P1, XW-G1), Privia PX-5S
  • Clavia: Nord Lead 4
  • Dave Smith Instruments (DSI): DSI MoPho, DSI Desktop Evolver
  • Eventide: Pitchfactor, Timefactor
  • Fractal Audio: Axe FX II
  • IK Multimedia: Amplitube
  • Jomox: MBase 11
  • Kawai: K3m, K1r Vector Control
  • Korg: 707, DSS-1, EX-8000, ElecTribe R (ER-1), Monotribe, Volca Series
  • Line6: Pod v2.0, Pod HD-500, DT-50 Series, POD X3 Live
  • Moog: Animoog, Little Phatty, Slim Phatty, MF-104m Analog Delay
  • Mutable Instruments: Shruthi, Anushri
  • Novation: Bass Station
  • Peavey: AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar
  • Pioneer: RMX-500 (VST/AU)
  • Roland: JX-3P (PG-200), JX-8P (PG-800), MKS-30, MKS-50 (PG-300), JD-990, VG-99, Alpha Juno, Fantom X
  • Sequential Circuits: Prophet 600, Six-Trak
  • Sonic Charge: MicroTonic VST (?Tonic)
  • Sonic Potions: LXR Digital Drum Synth
  • Strymon: “Trio” (BigSky, TimeLine, Mobius)
  • A Tasty Pixel: Loopy HD
  • TC Electronic: Nova Drive NDR-1
  • ValhallaDSP: ÜberMod, VintageVerb, FreqEcho, Shimmer, Room
  • Waldorf: Blofeld, Pulse, 4-Pole
  • Where’s the Party At (WTPA)
  • Yamaha: S90, DX7 Reface, CS6X/R

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is available for US $24.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “MIDI Designer Pro 2 For iOS Now Available

  1. Cool developer. Great app. I put in a request for a fader with a medium throw– the two options are good, but I wanted something in between. My request was fulfilled in this version! Very nice when a developer responds to feedback and makes things happen like that. What a feature-packed update!!!

  2. This software (first version) was the main reason for me to buy an iPad back in 2014. Very flexible and easy to use. Looking forward to check out the latest version.

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