Minilogue Plays The Korg minilogue

Korg shared this video, which captures Macurs Henriksson of electronic dance music group Minilogue playing the new Korg minilogue.

Henriksson shares his thoughts on his approach to electronic dance music in Minilogue, his band with Sebastian Mullaert, and jams with a dual-Minilogue keyboard rig.

The Korg Minilogue is available now, with a street price of about US $500. You can find out more about it in our Korg minilogue review or at the Korg site.

11 thoughts on “Minilogue Plays The Korg minilogue

  1. Very pleasant, which just about sums up the synth. I cannot get very excited about its vanilla sound, yet the UI is very inspirational. In two or three minds about getting one, once the honeymoon grab is over.

    1. I don’t think it was actually named after this band, despite what the dude says. This seems to be the first, and only place, that a tie in is mentioned.

      I think it is likely a coincidence and t just seems that Korg marketing figured it would work to go with it for a video demo.

      Given how much Korg gear he has, maybe he should change the band name to Korg….

  2. I love the music, but does it really have to have all that hippy philosophy nonsense plastered over the top? Just let the instruments speak for themselves!

  3. Korg can take a few pointers from this one vid:

    – Keyboard version is fine, but there has to be a desktop too.
    – 4 voices isn’t enough. So whilst your at it making that desktop, make it 8 or 16 voices and at least 2 parts multitimbral.
    – Hurry up delivering them, cause it looks like even this guy had to go travel all the way to the Korg USA headquarters to demo it…

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