Tony Rolando On East Coast Synthesis & West Coast Synthesis

At ContinuuCon, Make Noise founder Tony Rolando gave a talk, offering his take on the ‘East Coast Synthesis’ & ‘West Coast Synthesis’ traditions. 

Rolando talks about how different musical goals shaped the technical decisions that Bob Moog and Don Buchla made, and how their engineering decisions also affected the work musicians made with the instruments.

Rolando also talks about how these two traditions affected his work, and how his latest synthesizer design, the 0-Coast, explores the idea that these two traditions have become complete blurred.

5 thoughts on “Tony Rolando On East Coast Synthesis & West Coast Synthesis

    1. Yes. It has lots of built in MIDI features, like the arpeggiator and can even control a second synth with MIDI via the cv and gate out for midi2.

      It comes with a MIDI to 3.5mm adapter like Korg uses.

  1. Tony is such a bright and personable guy. I’ve loved my Shared System and continue to purchase his products after meeting and talking with him at a couple of Moogfests. His success is well-deserved.

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