Roland JD-Xi Standalone Software Editor for Windows/OSX-Mac

Memory Splice introduced an unofficial software editor for the Roland JD-Xi.

The Roland JD-Xi Editor Software is a standalone editor, designed to liberate JD-Xi users from menu-diving.

In the video above, the demo section of the video starts about 5:30 in. 


  • Two-Way Communication between the editor software and JD-Xi synth with the push of a button.
  • Control of all Analog Synth Parameters
  • Control of all Digital Synth 1 & 2 Parameters
  • Control of all Drum Partials and Parameters
  • Control of Effects 1 & 2 with a simple button
  • Control of Reverb and Delay
  • Arpeggio Control

The Roland JD-Xi Editor Software is priced at US $60, but is available the first week for US $42.

7 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Standalone Software Editor for Windows/OSX-Mac

  1. Yes, it is coming with the included updates, including the GUI makeover. Vocoder will be added then as well. It does include support from the two of us who are the Memory Splice team as well. Works on 64 bit Windows and Mac OSX. Audio can be routed into a DAW of course at present.

  2. both the jd-xi and the jd-xa lack a song mode. no editing software in the world can handle that flaw. korg electribe 2 and electribe 2s at least come with an event recorder. better than nothing.

  3. All releases from RC1 through RC6 were free, now this is a payed version. I understand all the work, but here in Brazil this is going to be equivalent to US$200 and we do not have the chosen payment method around here, so even if I wanted to buy it I couldn’t. Remaining on RC6 here untill Roland unveils a free version.

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