Guy Demos A Thousand New Propellerhead Reason Patches, In A Car, In The Desert

In case you were wondering what all the new presets in Reason 9 sound like, Propellerhead has you covered.

They sent Jake Shaw on a road trip into the California desert to demo all 1,000+ new sounds.

You may want to catch up on Game Of Thrones before watching this, though, because it’s close to 10 hours of mobile patch demoing action.

Note: For those that are wondering, the strap-on keyboard Shaw uses is a CME xKey 37.

10 thoughts on “Guy Demos A Thousand New Propellerhead Reason Patches, In A Car, In The Desert

  1. This is a weirdly beautiful idea, I actually love it.

    Gonig to bookmark this and watch it when I need something to lull me to sleep

  2. Hey, the games have their Letplays, how about making this into a new artform of letsplays for music software? Though I dont think, this might attract as many people, but its at least as entertaining. In germany we see a lot of long trip videos of trains going from dresden to hamburg etc. during the night on telly. this is better stuff…

    but reason 9 is a bit of a disappointment. instead of all of these sounds and fancy automations, what about a new and modern user interface? vst support? a proper mixer? its becoming more and more a competitor for the arturia collection…. maybe propellerhead should convert it into a Plug-in itself, so it can be inserted in a proper daw.

    1. You’re right the UI is old, but the mixer sounds amazing and ReWire lets you insert it into most DAWs. just sayin.

  3. Huge respect for the driver. That must be one hell of an annoying co-pilot.

    “Say, which exit do we have to take?”
    “No, really, there’s an exit in half a mile…”
    “For f–”

  4. Ha ha! They get pulled over on the Hover Dam at 5:18:00 (ish) for filming with out a permit, then proceed to walk off, while filming… And playing!

    1. really, lyle? Someone played over a thousand sounds with a keyboard table and a camera strapped to his chest while traveling down the highway to the grand canyon? they did THAT? for 10 hours? nice try, indeed. 😛

  5. No, not the Power Bar!
    I appreciate the effort to play all the patches, even the most irritating ones, for more than a few seconds. I’ve listened to about 2 hours and am not sure that I can take any more.
    Next challenge: make 100 loops using all 1000 sounds in 10 days… in 10 states.

  6. The xKey 37 is one of my favorite portable USB keyboard controllers.
    The shallow key travel can be a bit of a challenge, but the polyphonic aftertouch makes it all worthwhile!
    Though I do wish they would redesign it slightly so you could snap two of them together to get an xKey 74.

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