Monade Sounds Intros Pure909 TR-909 Plugin

monade-sound-pure909Monade Sounds has introduced Pure909, a virtual instrument inspired by the Roland TR-909.

Here’s what they have to say bout it:

We resampled the 909 through vintage samplers, computers and machines. Among them the Akai MPC60, an old PC computer, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) & Sega Master System soundchips, various tube amplifiers and more.

Here are the official audio demos:

Pricing and Availability

Pure909 is available now with an introductory price of US $12 (normally $16).

5 thoughts on “Monade Sounds Intros Pure909 TR-909 Plugin

  1. Good to see companies branching out and making new instruments that explore uncharted sonic possibilities.

  2. “an old PC computer”

    How scientific. Which AD converter was used is likely more interesting, otherwise this says nothing. If its an old one it wouldn’t have onboard converters so it may have been sampled through a soundblaster (??)

  3. So how does it work? Does it have Midi Maps (or yet better something like Drum Racks in Ableton) for Daw like Ableton and Co? Or does it have the “piano notes” look? If “piano notes look” = no fun to use.

    1. Piano notes unfortunately. I took a chance and paid the $16 but there’s also no MIDI mapping so even less fun to use with Ableton,

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