64 Free Patches For Moog Model 15

Producer/synthesist Fabio Ribeiro (aka Remove Silence) has released the Basics & Classics Collection, a free collection of 64 patches for the Moog Model 15 app for iPad and iPhone.

This free collection presents classic and famous synth sounds, created using only the original features of the classic Moog Model 15 analog modular synth (without using features that are only available in the app).

The collection not only demonstrates the versatility of the original Model 15, but it also shows how sounds of different classes can be created through subtractive synthesis in a modular synthesizer.

Also included in the collection are some classic patches from keyboard players and bands like Rick Wakeman, Yes, Triumvirat, Rush, OMD, The Prodigy, Camel, Uriah Heep, etc.

The Basics and Classics Collection is a free download.

8 thoughts on “64 Free Patches For Moog Model 15

  1. I finally bought this last night. It sounds lovely. More so, I bought it to hopefully help me to understand modulars. I understand keyboard synths, but the modular vernacular perlexes me.

  2. I find it a hassle to use, having to scroll up and down to patch things in and searching for modules.
    Not intuitive at all.
    Hopefully this video will give me new inspiration.

    1. Never mind. For those of you looking at how to upload it, here are the steps I followed that worked.

      1. Download the patch bank file and e-mail it to yourself.
      2. Open the e-mail on your device and tap on the attachment
      3. Tap “Copy to Model 15”
      4. Type a name for the bank or leave at the default.
      5. Tap Import to import the patch bank

  3. KYAAH! I had to look at this because I just got a “hardware version” Model 15 and I needed help….a little timid with just plugging things into things 🙂

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