EDM Track Production With MIDI Drums & Ableton Live

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Joe Goretti shared this live video, which demonstrates how he creates EDM tracks live, using a Yamaha DTX electronic drum set and Ableton Live.

We asked Goretti about his approach to live performance and this is what he told us:

I make complete EDM tracks with my drums and Ableton Live. I play all beats, synths, bass etc. all on a MIDI drum kit. 

Yamaha DTX 900 Electronic drumset, DTX multi-12 percussion pad, Ableton Live, Sylenth, Massive.

I preset my Ableton session with all the instruments. (Drum Rack, Bass, Synths, Samples). I use the multi pad to launch clips and switch tracks.

6 thoughts on “EDM Track Production With MIDI Drums & Ableton Live

  1. That was fun, but you know, only keyboardists are allowed to make the sounds of other instruments.

  2. fun. lo-fi preset sounds make it sound amateur. I have use that method with my 90s band. In those ages we play with some octapads and roland drums and Akai samplers during live shows.

  3. Good times. Would be cool to see the same video with comment overlays showing a play-by-play for what’s going on with the 12 pad.

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